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Giving Thanks


The Universal Mother knows what is suitable for her children.
Turning to your inner Goddess frees you of all pain and past soul wounds.
By turning inward you bring to yourself the joy of understanding who the Divine Mother is in accordance with your own path.
The power of the Mother’s love dissolves the ego and sets you free.

Go inward and surrender to your inner being.
Do not let your ego dictate to you.
The Mother already knows your needs and is waiting anxiously to meet them.

The ego only lets us waste our energies and Shakti.
The ego will take you on many detours.
The way of the Mother teaches you gratitude and love along with forgiveness.

Gratitude bridges you to the Gods and Goddesses.
Set a time aside at the end of the day to sit quietly and list all you have to be grateful for.
Then at the time of bed allow the Mother to wrap Her gentle arms around you

Get into the habit of giving thanks and see how much more joyful your life becomes.
Allow the habit of gratitude to become yours.
Gratitude will dissolve the clouds of duality.

I love you with all my heart.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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