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Your Sacred Self is right beneath your skin, so close that you can feel the Self any moment you are quiet.
Meditation brings you into the circle of life and death and into the mystical awareness of both.

Alertness and generosity bring you deeper into the circle.
With alertness of generosity one begins to share what he or she knows.
Generosity is one of the best way to open one’s heart.
In fact, generosity can soften the heart of anyone – especially your own.
Enter the awareness of generosity, and find how your world opens.

Take the moment and be generous with your love.
Being generous keeps the heart strong and joyful.
This establishes a sacred space.
In this sacred space, we can sit in self-reflection or stand on our yoga mats and begin our practice, always with an generous heart.

Whether you are passive or active, there is always generosity being explored in Kali Natha Tantric Yoga.
You find a new flexibility when you are being generous to yourself.
You quickly find an access to the core of your being; your movements become more and more fluid.
You find that ignorance or ego losses its hold on you.
As you move with the blessings of Lord Vayu, you feel everything disappearing around you; yet you are very aware of each movement.

The last words of the Buddha were, “Make of yourself a light.”
As you do Kali Natha Tantric Yoga you are making of yourself a light.
No matter if you can only do chair yoga, you are changing the vibrations in you and around you You are moving with PRAKRITI, the movement of the Mother.
You find that you are receiving calmness.

Breathe in and know yourself to be kind and gentle – and breathe out any doubt of this in your mind.
Do this 11 times, trusting that the world will go on as you gently breathe in an out.
Notice that your body eases in the calmness of breathing.
Then simply sit and know that all is impermanent; only the Soul is permanent.
You are housing the Soul, and by movement in Yoga and stillness in pranayam you become more and more of this.
Be generous by letting go and meeting everything that comes your way with an open heart.
The heart of generosity is of perfect poise.

I love you.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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