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To live in community is to live with so many different personalities and possibilities.
When the clouds are rumbling and the ocean is rough with high waves, people turn to one another for comfort and understanding.
Living in community brings comfort to the seeker’s heart.
My heart is always filled with the love of my chelas and my love for my Guruji, Neem Karoli Baba.
I give thanks for all He has given me, mine and the world.
Always my Guru says to me, “Keep up your spirit, and know that all will pass; only a teaching will remain.”
This teaching is made of love, spirit, and Shakti.

When the darkness is dense, the path is filled with thorns – and sometimes the way is lost.
Keeping up the spirit helps you to know that you are not alone and never will be.
You will find the path of spirit when the heart is filled with love.
For all difficulties and all failures, I say to all of you, “Keep up the spirit, and all will pass: only the teachings will remain.
At this moment sense the fragrance of the buds that bloom in the night as it emerges from the heart chakra.
As the moon shines forth, the clouds disperse.
The radiant sun reveals itself scattering darkness with light.

See your supreme Beloved with the eyes of your heart.
Your Beloved springs from the depths of your heart, fragrant and lustrous, shining with understanding of love.
Your Beloved dances, smiles, and laughs with deafening shouts of joy.
From the stony wombs of high mountains that you have already climbed is born a love so vast that you are engulfed within its folds.
Merge with the Ocean of Divinity and Truth.
Pretty words, no – these are words of the heart.
Here you can see and feel all the blossoms of your Beloved’s mystical gardens.

In the silent hours of the morning time, I send you pieces of my heart to enfold within your own.
You and I are one.
I remember when my Baba said these words to me.
I could not believe them.
Then when our Dada came from India and told your Ma that our Baba said the same words to him, my whole world opened; I knew it could be possible that my Baba and I could be one, and that you and I can be one.
We will merge and be strong, full, and never alone.

In the silent hours of the morning we can behold the sunshine of eternal life together – liberation from endless strife, you and I and our Beloved.
Each dew drop this early dawn represents the endless amount of love that extends from your Beloved to you.
Words from the poet of life – you are the poet of life.
Words from the poet of death – you are the poet of death.
Together we dance lifetime after lifetime.
The song is always the same, yet the song is always different, oh my Lord of infinite splendor, pure love, and consciousness.

I ask you to awaken.
To wake up to the moment.
To wake up to awareness.
I hold you so very tightly; feel my arms around you.
The Mother holding her child.

I love you all,
Ma Jaya


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