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Honoring the Universal Mother’s will, we can find acceptance in our hearts and minds for our own faults and shortcomings.
She will give us the courage to learn from our mistakes and the strength to forgive both ourselves and others.
In your heart you can feel all that She endows you with.
She saves you from the illusions of the world and brings you to the reality of God.

Take one thing that happens in your life that you would normally ignore and give it your full attention.
See where this takes you.
Perhaps there are many things that you pass by that will add to your life.
It is the Mother’s light that gives you an opportunity to understand your purpose in life.

As you understand forgiveness, you will find the gap between you and the Universal Mother fades as you have more patience with those whom you thought you could never forgive.
Join hands with the Mother, and you will remember what you are made of.

You walk in holiness, but you do not realize who you are.
In spite of all your doubts, She (who is everyone’s Mother) brings you always to Her heart.
She offers you atonement that will set you on your journey toward spirituality.
Your own identity is in Her breath – that is why you must have awareness of the breath.
Your heart is forever filled with joy of life, yet you need to let the awareness of this seep in.
All things that the Mother has created are timeless, and all that She teaches you is to live in this timeless space.
This is part of your inheritance.
The Mother will never betray you.
Her word is sacred.

Little by little, uncertainty leaves your heart, which is filled with love, joy and bliss.
Though your minds wander your heart is always with the Mother.
I love you with all my heart.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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