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Focusing on the Chakras


Let us watch our chakras or lotuses open slowly as we focus on them with great awareness.

The center at the root of the spine is called the Muladhara, the lotus of four petals.

It is where Mother Kundalini rests until awakened by our awareness.

The second is Svadhisthana, the lotus of six petals.

It is located at the level of the genitals.

Manipura, the lotus of 10 petals, is at the level of the navel.

This chakra presides over Agni or fire.

Anahata, the lotus of 12 petals, lies at the level of the heart.

This chakra is wounded in so many of us and feels hurt if we do not breathe in deeply.

Visuddha, the lotus of 16 petals, is at the throat level –  the gate way to the heart.

It is so important for this chakra to be open wide to let in the prana flow to the heart chakra.

Your Beloved will show you and lead you right to the heart.

Ajna, the lotus of two petals, is between the two eyebrows.

You can look out of this blessed chakra and see what your earthly eyes cannot see.

Finally the Sahasrara, the lotus of 1000 petals, is at the top of the head.

This chakra governs the higher reaches of our being and consciousness

It opens our intuition and allows us to lead a brighter and deeper life.

This chakra leads us over the head, far out into the Universe and into our Soul bodies.

There are many openings into different planes of our existence.

Kundalini, when awakened and uncoiled, releases into the beauty of who you are and who you will be.

There is not just one being that is higher than another; yet the greatest of all is the Mother of Gratitude, who lives inside all of us.

I always ask the Mother of Gratitude to take care of everyone and keep them close to Her.

All of this is so exciting and available to all of you as you grow and expand.

Look this second into your third eye and see a light so bright that it almost can blind you.

Then give thanks like never before.

Kashi Prana is filled with vibrations of love and joy and compassion

The various Chakras or Lotuses provide much information, and I look forward to teaching and sharing this with all of you.

I love you all.


Ma Jaya

Kashi Ashram


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