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Finding the Light Inside


It is amazing the doors that can open when your heart is full and flowing over.
The birth of true compassion comes from awareness of an open heart; yet so many are afraid of wounds from the past that they keep tightly closed.
In order to find the light that is inside of you, you have to be courageous.
This will bring you a new strength.

You already have been tested from past hurts.
Now it is time for the beauty that comes from each pain.
Real conversations burst forth, for there is no time to waste.
So many have told me, “Ma, we should live like this all of our lives, not just when death is close.
This is so true; it is amazing to be in the presence of death.
When death comes toward you, you are able to use death as a bridge that you have learnt to cross to find new beauty and new paths.
The courage comes slowly to heal all earthly wounds.
There is so much to learn from death.

Our beauty comes forth at the time of death, once we have learnt all the rhythms of life.
Teaching Kali Natha Yoga is like teaching about coming closer to where we have come from.
This is the true walk of beauty that Baba and Swami Nityananda taught me.
It is all about the Light that is both in us and all around us.

The beauty in discovering who you are has you seeing this beauty in others.
Here is the doorway into another rhythm of seeing and being.
As you read these words, feel the rhythm of life welcoming you, touching you and protecting you.
All of a sudden you are not a stranger to yourself, and others are not strangers to you.
This is the deepest essence that is in you; it can never be damaged or taken away by anyone or anything.

It is marvelous how love of spirit and the Mother can strike you deeply in the heart.
It is this force of love that brings you life and life force.
There is such a magnificent renewal of all things.
All comes alive.
The wisdom of the body knows what to do and how to move.
It is the Mother that shows this to you by example; she brings you a celebration of life and death.

We begin to understand the beauty of the Soul.
The heart begins to burn with love, without the pain of heat.
All is the calming beauty of the Mother’s Heart.
Love entwines us all together as we learn to live fully in the dance of movement and bliss.

This is how the heart’s rhythm can be heard and felt.
I love you with all that I am.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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