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We are all born with a spiritual potential that allows us to be in a place of intuitive awareness.
You may think that you are stumped in so many circumstances.
You just can’t get out of a situation, and so you pay no attention to your intuition.

When you feel this happening, bring full mindfulness to the moment:
Breathing in, I know I am breathing in.
Breathing out, I know I am breathing out.
Breathing in, I am walking.
Breathing out, I am walking.

When you become aware of the body, there is so much more you can feel in your life.
Breathing in, I know I have the answer.
Breathing out, I have the answer and I am no longer stuck.
This is not controlling or trying to make the breath do something.
This is life, and the whole sense of time drops away.
There is no past or future; there is just the breath, the breath of now.

All of a sudden we are just here.
Even five minutes of mindful breathing can allow you to know your own reality.
The ego says to you in the form of thought, “You cannot sit, you are in pain, your leg or your back your spine, something hurts.”
Breathe into the pain and out of the pain, and open the door to your awareness.
To be aware is to come back into your physical life.
Feel your body, and know through intuition that you only have your body for a little time.
This will give you the feeling of preciousness of the human body.

Whenever you have a thought or feeling, say to yourself, “Oh, this is a  pleasant feeling” or “This is not a pleasant feeling.”
To see what your feelings are is to live in the moment.
Feelings are always happening; they are always there.
They are always moving us, and if we do not acknowledge them our lives just past us by.
There are feelings that make us move through our whole day and then through our life.

To feel is extraordinary in itself.
Meditation brings you the capacity to feel with detachment, to let the feelings move as the breath moves.
This brings texture to the feelings and the breath.
Say to yourself on your breath, “God loves me,” five times on the in-breath and five times on the out-breath.

Feel God’s love.
I love you,
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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