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Feel Your Freedom


Sit quietly in the stillness.
And ask yourself what you are grateful for.
Go over your life, and count your blessings.
See how your blessings can motivate you into greater blessings.
It is all the matter of being grateful for what you have that will bring more happiness to you.

Call on Divine assistance to lead you closer to the fullness of your deepest gratitude.
Ask your God how to share your blessings with others
The Universal Mother does not want you to withhold anything from Her.
The more you surrender to the Mother within, the more you find deep inspiration to be grateful every moment of your life.
The Mother will help you to advance closer to your Soul.
She will help you to come Home.
When you truly surrender, there is no hidden self and no separation – and it is the Mother who does all the planning.

Though a thousand iron chains of karma may seem to hold you down and keep you bound, you must know that the more you surrender to the Mother within the more you are free.
It is you who have made your bondage a reality, and it is you who have faith in the Mother who can set you free.
Feel your freedom this very moment.
I love you very much.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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