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Feel God’s Grace


Meditation brings you a chance to a conscious life and to live fully the destiny of your Soul.
When you are able to listen to your Soul, you can speak from your heart with less fear.
You begin to forgive yourself and others for the past, and you are able to look toward the future while enjoying the journey to get there.

You find that the present brings you all kinds of positive shakti as you live in the moment.
Through meditation you are able to feel your Soul’s radiance.
Through Kali Natha Tantric Yoga, you can live with love in your heart and the ability to be clear and focused.

Each time you sit, think of taking out the negativity in your life, even the negativity stored in your subconscious.
The Mother takes on your ego mind and brings you to the direct experience of your hidden self.
Sit and deliberately think about how you react to negative impulses.
These are hidden thoughts and impressions that another person or situation brings on when you begin to react.
Now as you are deliberately thinking, say to yourself “My God loves me,”
on the in-breath
and the out-breath.
You are leaving no room for negativity.

There is nothing deeper than knowing that God loves you.
Meditate on this love, and make it a dedicated practice to say “My God loves me” over and over.
These simple words can free you from fear and help you live your life with the greatest amount of love and the least amount of negativity.

The mind is your most important companion; do not hand it over to the ego.
You are beautiful and free to feel God’s grace starting this very second.

I love you all.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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