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Fearful Thoughts


Most fears and worries begin in the mind.
The ego sends thoughts and images, and then the ego promotes deep fears.
You become a victim of fearful thoughts.
You begin to constantly listen to your thoughts, and this brings nothing but pain that is not necessary.
The higher mind is a wonderful thing when it is not clouded with yesterday’s thoughts.
The mind that lives in the moment is in touch with the Soul.

Fear is acknowledging that we are entering a place that we have no control over.
Yet if you just say THINKING whenever your thoughts plague you, your life will become more and more spiritual.

Leave your fears in the hands of the Mother, and forget any weakness that the ego brings you in the form of thought.
You are not your thoughts.
Breathe in deeply whenever you can think of it and breathe out with awareness.
Do this a few times a day even if you have to write it on cards and leave them all around.
This allows the smallness of your mind to be engulfed in the breath.
This allows the heart to expand.

Be happy for others the way you want others to be happy for you.
We all can share in each other’s happiness, thus becoming happy within ourselves.
There is so much in the Universe to have when you simply ask with great belief.
The Universe never runs out of all the gifts that the Mother wants for you all.
When one receives so much and you are happy for that person, you are already in line to receive whatever it is that you want.

The Mother asks you to surrender in the deepest part of your being any fears you may have.
As you ask to surrender, She teaches you how.
This also is a gift from the never-ending, abundant Universe.

In life we are always confronted by our own fears – thus we become defensive as we try to hide our fears by being falsely brave.
You must remember that your God sees you as you are.
God knows your fears, your hopes and your joys.

There is no fear once you have surrendered them to the Mother.
This also takes practice.
Nothing but nothing can separate you from your Universal Mother.

Gratitude is the key to all things.
When you are grateful it is hard to be afraid.
You will never be alone or walk alone on this journey.

We will travel together on the path of love.
What is it you need this very minute?
What is it that you want?
Look around you, and look deep in your heart, where you find the courage to serve others while you serve yourself.

I love you all so very much.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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