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Try to understand that when you feel at peace, even for a moment, it is because you are expanding.
When you expand, all your views begin to change
The sense of freedom and peace takes place within the waves of your heart.
Whenever you feel love even for a second, milk it and enjoy it; that too will expand into the place where time does not exist.
Endeavor this day to understand your ability to expand and hold more truth and love than you can comprehend.

You are true spirit; and when expansion comes to you, you feel lighter and filled with this spirit, which is pure Shakti.
All your mental and physical movements are filled with spiritual possibilities.
Think this day on the thoughts you have chosen – not thoughts sent by the ego to disrupt your peace.
No one has limited destiny that binds one to a certain way of thinking.
You always can reach for a different and better thought if you so desire.
Remember, you all have free will and choice.
All this day think of things and people in your life that you are grateful for.
Count all your blessings and write them down.
And know that your Beloved is always helping you to expand and expand.

I love you
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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