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Enriching Your Life


You can live in open space, without restrictions, more often than you know.
The more you make of the reality of this, even in small ways, the more you can enrich your own life.
This space gives you more breathing room to live and understand life.
There is an inner radius that the Universal Mother gives you as a gift that expands as you become more aware of your life.
There is a kind and gentle pathway to all your dreams.
This can only come from awareness, mostly of your own beauty.
You all have gotten a glance of your loving heart.
The beauty of this is your own individuality.

In every soul there is a divine blueprint that can lead you to bliss.
When you allow the lamp of love to shine throughout your life, you begin to honor your life like never before.
If you feel any calling in your heart from the Universal Mother, you should listen to Her.
She will only lead you to full ecstasy.
She will lead you to new horizons.
This takes courage and passion.
There is nothing as lonesome as one living without passion.

And yet when you do realize the joy that the Mother brings you, there is only Light.
There is a time of growth when love breaks through your shell.
Often when you feel hurt you tend to bring a shell around you.
Yet when you have awareness, you can keep your heart wide open for yourself and for others.
When you revisit your old wounds, you are bringing yourself into the pain once again.
Be kind to your own vulnerability
And know the Mother loves you with deep passion.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


One Response

  • Hanuman Tirtha Karuna says:

    Dear Ma:
    You always inspire me to be more then I was yesterday. The depth of your insight is always the reward…..Thank You