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Enjoy the Moment


There is no reason that one has to constantly want to go deeper into the past.
By living in the moment, one can know the past and be ready for it to re-enact itself over and over.
To keep digging and digging is no help in knowing yourself.
To be totally aware of the moment is to understand the beauty of the Self.
The power of the now takes care of everything in the past and brings you into the strength of the moment.
Your conscious presence can bring you a few glimpses of who you are.
With practice, the moment will greet you and kindle the flame of who you are.

The moment will nourish you with the puja oil of devotion, and the fire of love will always burn in your heart.
The moment holds all the joy and bliss for you to experience.
Give all that you do not need to the Mother; She will take care of all your yesterdays.
Allow the breath to awaken all the forces of the moment.
The Mother will be in your moment.
Enjoy the moment, and feel the Mother’s breath upon your own breath.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


One Response

  • Marly Glen says:

    Namaste Ma.
    Thank You for All Of those beautifull Thoughts. From your heart. that make us feel, that we are near you,eventhough.You are not Physically present.but,with this poems ,for me its like, Iam hearing you And you always gone be present .thank you God Bless you Ma