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Emotion and the Ego


As the breath rises and falls, allow the breath to go deeper into your chest and breathe out as you contract your belly.
The moment will change for the better.
The ego’s self-importance is erased by the breath.

You use emotion to see how you feel in the moment
You can see which path to take through emotion.
This kind of emotion is called the emotion of detachment.
The more power the ego can bring to you, the more you feel a certain kind of security. Only after awhile, with awareness, you can begin to tell the difference between the ego and true love. When you become aware that the ego is a false reality, you just let it go. This creates the ability to always know when the ego is trying to lead you or not.

When you do not have gratitude for what you do have, you stop the process of receiving more of what you want.
The ego has you begin to think you are the underdog.
The ego constantly brings your mind into uncomfortable positions.
In that moment, do something to move yourself closer to your dreams. If you can have hope and want things without the ego’s power, you put yourself on the path of receiving.
Sit in meditation and quiet your mind with your breath.
In this way you change your Universe.

The Mother holds you in Her Heart, protecting you always.
I love you.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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