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Ego and Confusion


In the attempt to understand life, one becomes confused; and this confusion stops you from living fully.
Agree to look at your feelings.
Does your decision make you feel good or not?
Take a look at your body and listen to what it is trying to tell you.
Allow the ego an escape route.
Everything gives off energy.
Always ask yourself how you feel about any issue.
See if you feel disappointed with any choice you make.
This happens because the ego creates unnecessary questions that have no answers.
This is done on purpose.
The ego knows that it confuses you, and confusion is hard to get rid of.
The ego lives deep in your mind, and yet it has no roots.

Sometimes relying on others make you feel that you are not good enough to do for yourself.
This does not let you live in the heart.
You did not come to earth because you understand all of life – you came to learn.
The past is past; it cannot be fixed.
Light a candle, and release the past by blowing out the candle gently.
Do not try to win the approval of others in order to be ok.
Do not let their emotional nets snare you.
Learn of unconditional love and how to use it every moment.

At times, anger comes from thinking of what you have lost.
Try not to attach yourself to anything.
Allow yourself to be above the ego.
The ego has no real moments.
It is designed to use your present mind against you.
If you want a powerful and joyous experience in life, you will begin to understand when the ego is lying to you.
The ego will go through anything for you to believe what it is saying.
By recognizing this, you can return to your natural state of love.

Do you live your life from your heart?
As you ignore your ego, you can see the greatest light of your Beloved.
It flows with sacred knowledge.
There is a soft glow that falls upon you.
Call this light to you.
Watch the anguish in your life flow away with this light.
It is very soft as it falls to your heart space like snowflakes.
Grace is what you are given if you can hear.
Grace is what your Beloved holds for you until you can feel the joy of yourself.
You were made to love and to feel love.

I love you so very much.
Ma Jaya


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