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Diwali Festival of Lights


Saturday night looked like a fairy land here at our Sacred Ashram.

We celebrated Diwali  which is the festival of lights celebrated in many cultures and religions.

It is the celebration of light over darkness of good over evil.

A simple celebration filled with good will and joy in all of our hearts.

The Dattatreya Temple was aglow in light as I took my chelas into their hearts.

The candles seemed to light the way like days of old.

Every one felt the depth of it all and the meaning of the light that never stopped lighting our way  into the Formless.

Holding the children and telling them about the festival of lights was a complete joy.

It made me miss my little Anthony so much my great grandson and all my babies.

Wait till I get my hands on baby boy bean Shiva Jaya and little Jelly Bean.

We are so blessed.

Happy Diwali my chelas

I love you all so very much.

We also celebrated our Kali Ma Bhagavati’s 86th birthday.

She gets younger and younger.

Love Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram

Festival of lights

Festival of lights

Ma with the children at Diwali

Ma with the children at Diwali

Kali Ma's 86th birthday

Kali Ma's 86th birthday

Ma Jaya, Diwali 2009

Ma Jaya, Diwali 2009


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