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Divine Love


The Mother in all Her many forms has always been there for us.
She makes Herself known as one breathes in and out.
The ego begins to dissolve and the heart begins to open.

The presence of Love is the quality of timelessness, forevermore.
Yet if humility and gratitude are hidden by the ego, one begins to make poor choices.
Sometimes as people come closer and closer to the Self, they begin to sabotage their own lives by running.
Then the dryness comes when there is no thirst.

The Inner Reality is immune to doubts.
To know the essential self for even a few brief moments is to know it forever.
The Self is certainty.
To realize the presence of Divinity is to have deep gratitude.
The ego cannot live in this space of Grace.

Certainly, one may feel fear.
Yet it takes courage to come closer to the Self.
The radiance of the Mother is the light of awareness that reveals the divinity in the self.
With the realization of the existence of the Mother, one transcends the final duality of existence.

Divine Love is an all-inclusive field, and its quality is unforgettable.

I love you,
Love Ma


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