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Divine Breath of Love


What is it that you most want?
What is it that you most need?
Can you understand how much you have?
Can you meditate on the love that surrounds you at any time of the day and night?
Are you rejecting those that can bring you love?

Remember that God is all around you.
You can sense the whisper of the divine.

Sit in a comfortable way.
Feel the sensations of your body.
Feel the breath moving.
Be aware of the shape of your life.
Allow yourself to feel any difficulty.
Breathe lightly into the difficulty.
There may be a place that is challenging you in your body.

Feel your ability to feel love all around you.
Call on your God in any way that resonates to you.
Sense the presence that is wise and loving.
Sense your God near you and in you.
Sense your own small self.
Know that you can hold anything with the deepest amount of compassion.
Be aware of being the holder of the space all around you and in you.
You are the holder as well as the one held.
You feel this in your bones; you do not have to learn this, it is always there.
Discover how you push away such beautiful parts of yourself because of unworthiness.
In this moment become your God.

Let the breath go deeper.
Feel love for yourself as well as others on this path of love and compassion that you walk upon.
You can be the beacon that can awaken others because you have such a delightful sense of space.
Feel this space all around you.
Let the breath take you deeper.

Awaken to any anger you may have, and gently breathe in and out.
Be free to see what is in your life
On the gentle breath realize that you are the awareness that holds you and loves you, and that you are the fullness of love.
Remember that you are truth and love.
Keep being aware of your breath.
Your brow is relaxing.
Your face is relaxing.
You have a slight smile on your lips.
Feel the longing to live fully.
The breath is the divine that is flowing in and out of your heart and all around you.
You are holding the ones you love as well as the ones you do not know you love.
Keep watching the breath.
The gentle flow of your breath and know, deeply know how much you are loved.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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