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Divine Balance


One thing you have to understand is your individuality.
Though we are all the same, there is the uniqueness that the Universal Mother loves so much.
It is only when you deny your strength that you make yourself weak.
By denying your own worth, you deny others your beauty.

The key to knowing who you are is balance, Divine Balance.
You have to love yourself and take care of yourself: eat right, exercise and meditate.
By doing this, you will have balance and you will not give away any of your power unless you want to.
We all live in the state of internal now, and you have to know what it is you want from the Universe in this internal now.
Not later, or even before – RIGHT NOW.
With great patience, wait as you do everything to make your dreams come true.
Your prayers are your power that allows you to live in your highest good.
You can repeat this from time to time: “I live in my highest good.”
You can form a habit of meditation that will let you develop more love for yourself and for others.

By putting the love of the Mother in the mind, the mind relates more to the heart.
As you sit, you can imagine a great light coming into the top of the head and flowing all through your body.
This is utter beauty.
This is simplicity.
If you can, give yourself time to go reach your limitless potential – and you will become balanced.
If you look deeply you will see that you have a positive image of yourself.
You are here for the joy in life – for yourself and for others.
You have a powerful image that you can carry out to the world.
Everything is possible if you just know the power of unconditional love.
Set goals, and don’t worry if you cannot reach your goal; you have reached other goals simply by trying.
See yourself in your mind, where you can run through all the projects with ease and love.
See your life full, with so many being nourished by your love.

I love you with all my heart.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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