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Devotion and Confusion


When you realize that the Self is free from impressions of like and dislike, you have no need to criticize anyone.
This happens due to meditation.
Meditating on the breath forces you to look deeply into your heart.

Confusion is an ego mind-game that causes you to waste time over and over again.
It makes for indecisive action and poor reasoning.
It keeps you unstable.
Confusion is the ego’s chatter directing your life.
To get rid of confusion, stop asking yourself so many questions and use your intuition.
Decisions should be natural and should come from the heart.
Expanding your mind comes from stretching the intellect.
Frustration comes from expecting to fail
When you expect to succeed, you become happy – even if you do not succeed.

You are not your body or your mind; you are part of the Universal Mother.
The power which is in the Mother is in you as well.
Each day you expand; devotion and love help you to expand.
There is one thing in the world you must never forget and that one thing is love.
You are all on a mission of love for Mother Earth and Her children.

As you sit this moment, let the devotion that is waiting for you grow.
It is waiting for you to be aware of it.
The world holds many distractions for you.
Yet to know the love of the Mother is to have a purpose in life; the ego cannot distract you from this.
You are fulfilled with Her compassion.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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