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Depending on the Universal Mother


When there is nowhere to go except straight ahead, you have found your path of love and service.
The rumors will spread like a wildfire, and you will feel how good it is to depend on the Universal Mother in every situation.
When there is nowhere to go but downward, the Mother brings out Her hands and holds you tight to Her breasts – and you are able to walk with your head and your heart full.
For She is your Mother, and there is nothing that She will not do for you and yours.

She has brought you from the center of darkness into the light of grace.
She is always willing to do so until you sit by Her side, take Her hands, and use Her weapons of love to win the war of the ego versus the soul.
There is no contest: the light will always win.
The song of the heart will be sung.
The Mother will hear all your needs and send forth her angels to accomplish what must be accomplished.

The Mother will always take care of your needs; she is your provider, your heart and your soul.
The self-love of the soul will rescue you from the cage of the ego.
The words “I am” shall ring through your bones, and you will know that you are never alone.
She has made us promises that she has always kept.
She is our shield; She is the shield to those who take refuge.

There is no doubt in the human heart that the Mother will take care of your soul as you take care of others.
There is such great abundance for all of us to gather to ourselves to serve the poor and feed the hungry.

Like the kids say all the time, “How cool is this?”
This bread of life is yours and is mine.
Given to each of us is that which sustains life and completes death.
We become one; each of us breaks apart and becomes one, again and again.
It is the miracle that never stops.
Look for it; it is written in front of our faces every second of time, where space is filled with our hearts and the beat of each of our hearts vibrates all throughout the world.

Yet it is only for you and your Mother.
Mother and child.
One child and one Mother.
Fitting into each other like day into night and night into day.

You will see; you will fill your eyes with joyous tears, and your heart will sing.

And She will explain to you the importance of the word of love.
“Can you hear me my beloved?
You are my beloved, and I am your servant.
Teach me how to serve, and then teach me more.”

All impressions exist in the subconscious
What does this mean?
Bring your heart out into the forefront of your life.
Do not let the lullaby of the ego lull you to sleep and not let you find that word that is so important: love, love, love.
Be strong in the Mother’s love; be strong and be happy.
Be strong and feel your own strength.

I love you,

Ma  Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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