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Deliberate Thinking


This year learn to act as if the life you visualize for yourself is the life you lead.
Pretend that what you visualize in your mind is happening now, in the moment.
Create your thoughts as intentions that have already manifested.
Tell yourself that any vision you have in your mind is already here.
It is no longer just a wish or a desire.

This is called deliberate thinking.
Ask the Universe for anything you want or need.
Be positive.
Simply be in the now.
In this moment you have all your answers.
Take one step at a time as you go deeper into positive thinking.
Be determined to go through anything you want to change.

Know that your Ma is always with you.
When I write about the Light that is in all of us, you must know that as these words appear, there is great Light that you can feel.
The blessings pour from these pages into your heart.
You will be able to surrender to your higher power more each day.

I love you.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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