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Be open to new experiences this day.
Do not inhibit yourself by being self conscious.
Make sure you know that your Beloved is with you.
Be free like a child.
When our hearts are open to new moments, we can receive and we can create.
Use creativity for its own sake.
Do not seek recognition.
Awareness awakens the mind as a whole, and the mind responds to creativity and love.
Love is the natural function of every human being.

The ego mind pulls one away from the heart.
Pay no attention to the ego mind.
Open your heart to your Beloved.
Your Beloved will never hurt you or betray you.

Imagination or intuition?
Imagination usually does not survive childhood.
Intuition lies right at the heart of the nature of the mind.
Keep your creative light alive by meditation.
Ask yourself in what way you express your own creativity.
What is preventing you from being creative?
Listen to your heart always.
Yet you need to be quiet to hear your inner voice.

The Mother of Intuition lives in the third eye.
Meditate on your third eye.
Look up and out into the Light.
The answers are in your heart.
I love you all so very much.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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