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Create Your Future


Step away from that which you are used to this moment.
Have the courage to change only slightly, or more.
Remember you are holding onto the hand of your Beloved.
As you take this step, your perception expands.
Your vibrations become filled with more strength as more dimensions open for you.
You can enter into areas that few people perceive.

Open to the path of Universal Law.
You begin to control your mind.
You find that you can use your feelings to guide you through life.
Take a look inside of you to see which areas flow and which do not.
You may not be able to see far ahead into the future, but you are able to feel more depth than ever before.
Science will tell you it is not possible to see the future.
Yet if you put the image of what you want, you can see what the future moment can bring you.
You begin to be clearer than ever before.
You create energy for yourself, and whatever you create will be for your highest good.
In order to create something with absolute certainty, you must foresee the necessary conditions.

Universal Law wants to reveal what you have asked for, so you must be absolutely certain of your desire.
If what you desire is not in your hand as of yet, you must pretend that it is on its way.
You are creating your own destiny, and you cannot be halfhearted.
You must know that what you can create in your mind and heart is yours already.

The Mother receives your requests as the representative of the Universe.
Infinite power is so much stronger than the mind.
You must know that your intuition is waiting for you to use it.
No matter what your circumstances are, you have the ability to use the Universal Law.
A part of your growth pattern is true energy; it is high energy and love energy.
It is up to you to understand that your life force is given to you by the Mother.
This is why you must not judge anyone.
By judging you create a leaky, wasted energy.
Only when you begin to pull on your unlimited power is your understanding of your own heart possible.
This is self-discovery.
You must go inside.
You have to go deep into your breath, and the breath within the breath, to see your magnificent beauty.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


One Response

  • Sadananda says:

    Thank you Ma.
    It has been a long time since I have ready your daily prayer. I am so thankful to have read this one today. It has spoken to me most loudly and most beautifully.
    Jai Jai Ma!!!

    Laguna Beach, CA (Kali Mandir)