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The Counting Meditation


To meditate is to get to know yourself from the inside.
You begin to feel a gentle flow in the quiet of meditation.
This flow comes from the Higher Self.
You are all perfect in so many ways.

The waves and fog that hide the true you can be blown away with a simple counting meditation.
This is part of the knowledge that comes with sitting for only five minutes in the morning and five at night.
Breathe in gently and deeply and say, “Breathing in one.”
Then breathe out completely, saying to yourself, “Breathing out one.”
Then say “Breathing in two” and “Breathing out two.”

Keep doing this for 11 breaths; then just sit and breathe in and out.
You have the opportunity to make your own relationship with your God known to your deeper self.
Then talk to your God.
Feel the surge of love when you finish meditating.
Look for it and be patient.
Abide in the Self and feel free.
No matter what you feel, you are on the way.
Your God becomes a part of you.

Try the counting meditation, and if you lose your place start again.
No judging or quitting.
Eventually you will feel the endless expansion that even a simple meditation can bring.

I love you all.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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