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Consciousness is the unlimited, universal energy field which becomes a reservoir of all information available in the Universe.
As you become more aware of your consciousness, you are fed information by yourself that helps you to live life in the Light.

You begin to perceive or witness your own life on a different level of consciousness.
The Formless invisible field of energy of boundless intellect begins to be known in everyday actions.
It is an impersonal and detached quality of our Divinity or Soul.
Meditation brings you into the Light of the Self.
You become aware of your Divine Self.
Soon you learn from your Higher Self not to react to another’s anger or shortcomings.

The importance of learning about the Heart Space over the Head (the Chidakash) is that you become aware of your own intuition and you let attachment go, thus living a deeper and more profound life.
During your day, take a few minutes to take five full breaths to bring you into the moment.
Once you practice this you become more aware of your surroundings – the colors of your room, the outdoor light coming in, the sounds around you.
All of a sudden you begin to realize that you have a source of profound wisdom within your own mind, body, and heart.

When you become the witness, you can actually become fascinated with life and begin to use your intuition more and more, unafraid to move forward and receive that which is yours to have.

All this becomes more and more clear; in fact, your whole life changes for the better.

I love you all so very much.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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