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Connect to Your Self


When you have a direct connection with the self, you become awakened from one natural state of being with the Mother in the moment.
Not even trying to understand it just to know it and love being in this state.
You bring on an understanding of surrender to live and respond to the moment.
Just do what you have to do when you have to do it.

This is what living in the moment actually means, the surrender of the moment to the moment.
The Mother of the moment gives you all you need to know, and you are satisfied.
This also frees you from thinking constantly.
Giving space inside yourself to worship the Self is the Nature of the Soul.

The one reason you work on yourself is to create space for God to come into your heart.
You work upon yourself in order to hear the echo of the Mother’s Love.
You can be alone with the Mother when the thoughts just drift away, and you feel the Mother.
The love is awakened, and when you know this you just respond by loving others.
To follow the waves of love is not to follow the waves of thought.
This is why you have to go beyond the waves of thoughts and swim in the ocean of bliss.
This cannot be understood by the mind.

Saint Teresa said, “Become like wax, and let God mold you as God likes,”
as you live you life in the world protected by the Mother.
The state of natural bliss leads to ecstasy and you want more of this.
The Mother takes you beyond all your borders, and brings you what you can conceive of.
The Universe is always available to bring you anything you ask for.
Befriend all your wants and know that they can be fulfilled.

When the old thoughts of not having enough come to you, just say to yourself, “Next.”
Trust your intuition and let the thoughts of scarcity go.
Develop the thought that you are entitled to prosperity.
This is trusting the wisdom that created you.
Act prosperous, be generous.
If you can act prosperous when you have nothing, then you give even more with prosperity to others and yourself.
This does not take unbelievable powers; we all can manifest goodness for others-and then it all comes to ourselves.
I love you.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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