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Confusion and Procrastination


Confusion is a mind game that the ego sends you to cause you to


It stops you from getting things done.

And yet the mind keeps going back to what has to be done, so depression

finds a way of getting into your psyche.

Confusion brings poor concentration.

Confusion comes from the ego asking too many questions, such as, “What

should I do now?”

And then the ego sends you many more questions.

Nothing gets done, and you become depressed from procrastination.

When you feel there is a conflict in your mind, begin to meditate on

your heart – and soon you will find that procrastination falls away from

your life.

Everything gives off an energy.

When you tune into dark energy of procrastination everything is

overshadowed by the ego.

So many times the intellect is dominated by the ego.

Say your mantra until you find that your mind’s chatter is slowing down

or shutting off completely

You hold the key to your own life.

The higher power inside of you is always ready to come to your rescue in

all situations.

You waste a lot of energy satisfying your ego.

Blindfold your ego and never let it take you over.

The most important thing you can do is to forgive yourself for all things.

The past is past and cannot be fixed.

The only remedy is to forgive yourself and to walk on.

Remind yourself that in the light of the Mother everything is healed.

There are no losses in this world, only the different changes that go on

in your life.

I love you all,

Ma Jaya

Kashi Ashram


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