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Confusion and Choice


Making the right choice is difficult for so many.
Confusion comes from asking many questions.
Try to stop asking some of your questions and figure them out yourself.
There are so many answers that one gets confused.
By being aware one can figure out what choices to make.
Do not be afraid of failure.
Failure is the fastest route to understanding life.

Everything gives off energy or shakti.
Shakti equals power.
See how you feel when you make a choice.
Choices that feel good are the easiest to understand.
This is the mature way to making right choices.
If you feel terrible in your choice, make another one and see how you feel.
Be diligent.
Bring positive input to your heart
Every morning is a new start to life, a new moment in which to learn how to make right choices.
If you have the feeling to go back to bed, then look good at your life – especially your thoughts.
Go over your thoughts and say, “It is just a thought.”

The ego always wants you to depend on it.
Guilt comes from making poor choices.
This brings low energy.
Do not worry about what people think.
Your life is not about anyone else; it is about the moment being used well.
When you realize this, you become free.

I love you all so very much.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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