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Compassion and Pride

The Mother’s desire is that you take from life all the enjoyment you can and share it with others.
She has provided you with so many choices.
The ego provides only negative choices.
It is wonderful not to feel guilt, so I ask you to give up all guilty feelings this very second to the Mother.

Remember you are in my time now.
When you can give up guilt, then hate, fear, jealousy and worry seem to dim.
Giving up guilt helps you resist any negative emotions.
Remember, the ego seeks to take advantage and make what the Universal Mother intended to be beautiful and good into a negative thing.

Right now, as you are reading these words, the Mother is blocking the ego and standing between you and your ego
When I look inside you all, I see tender hearts which the ego wants to harden.
Just say over and over, “The Mother loves me.”
These words will take the hardness out of your heart and leave the bliss of love.
Once you give up negativity, the fruit of what comes is so sweet that you must pick it from the tree of life and enjoy it.

In the The 11 Karmic Spaces, you are shown how not to fall into the Space of Pride.
From page 82:

One of the dangers of pride is thinking that you are the doer.
Then you are dealing with spiritual ego, which can involve an almost shocking lack of humility.
In Hinduism, the great god Shiva came to Earth in the form of a monkey to show the world humility.
In this aspect, He is revered as the God Hanuman.
He appears in the story of the Ramayana, the great epic poem of  India, which tells how Hanuman faithfully served the gods and goddesses and rescued Sita, the  embodiment of the soul’s purity.
Most of all it shows us how to serve others with humility,  and this is why Hanuman is known throughout out the world.

This was in the book, as are many teachings that, once learned, become easier to do.
As believers in love and kindness in this teaching, you all have a great awareness.
Now you are learning to recognize that flowing river in your heart that opens the floodgates of being alert every moment.
Doing this will not only develop your awareness, it will have you living a full life.

Put pride down for a few seconds and watch how the Mother scoops it up and consumes it.
In doing this, She gives us a fighting chance to recognize the difference between the negative and the positive.
This very moment, think of one thing your pride is stopping you from doing or saying.
Feel how free the mind becomes.
Perhaps it is to forgive someone, or perhaps it is just to say “I love you” to the world.
This is one little thing that will free you from the webs that gather in the Karmic Spaces.

The Mother is moved by compassion, and she teaches us to do likewise.
We all have one heart, and in this heart is the Universe.
The connection to this Cosmic Heart is the vibration you can feel now if you are quiet.
Where there is compassion, there is no room for pride.

I love you with all my heart and Soul.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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