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Compassion and Pain


Begin to gather the courage to follow the spiritual life you have always dreamed of.
All you need do is to be kind always and to serve.
It is hard to be locked in your own mind with the pulse of life coming out of your heart, leaving you high and dry.
Break through this day to something exhilarating and wonderful.

When you are hurt, you try to pretend that nothing is wrong.
You slip into the space of Pride, not allowing pain to touch you – not realizing that pain is a bigĀ  part of life.
To leave the shell of pride, you have to break through the thin layer of trying to hide in the shell.
Then you stand alone, remembering that your Beloved is always with you.
A new strength begins to flow within, and you walk tall without arrogance and with the gentleness of a gentle lion.
You begin to love your new found strength.
You are strong and kind.

If you expect to be hurt, then people will be lining up to hurt you.
Grab hold of your destiny and add your own ideas to what you want for yourself.
The sky is the limit as long as your heart is full.
Gain your poise and confidence just knowing that you are loved by your Beloved.
Many who have been hurt are able to bring in incredible waves of happiness coming from the pain.
The birth of real compassion comes from hurt itself.
You learn compassion, you see compassion, and you have compassion for others.
Compassion is the opposite of blindness and ignorance.
It is the boon to enter into the hurt of another.
You can bring out the beauty of others.
Find your own heart this moment.
Find your vulnerability, and know that others are vulnerable as well .
During this time the moment can be quite precious

You can reform your own negativity.
Try this moment to change your negativity into beauty and that which is positive.
This is a rare view of watching the ego die.
You are changing negative vibrations to positive pulses.
I love you all.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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