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Compassion and Happiness


In all of us there is a sense of home when we are where we want to be.
This Home is deep in every human being.
This is deep, compassionate love.
You want everyone to live in this love.

The state of compassion includes the space of wholeness.
When you are in this state, you never lose your sense of purpose.
The Buddha said, “If you truly love yourself, you would never harm another.”
This is the state of compassion.
Every time we harm another, we hurt ourselves.
When we direct love toward our heart, we can direct it to others.

Guilt is the opposite of compassion.
It does not let you live fully.
It keeps you rigid and alone.
You feel bitterness and separateness.
You can give up your guilt this moment if you want to.
Yet it is the ego mind that keeps you too guilty to give it up!

Compassion can bring you happiness.
When you have compassion for yourself, others will feel it too.
The mind of attachment is filled with limits; the mind free from attachments has a quality of freedom.
In the state of detachment, you are brought deeply into the heart; you lose the ability to judge others.

With compassion, you can recognize the truth of things.
Can you rejoice in the happiness of others, or do you feel threatened by it?
The ego tells you that the more others have, the less there is for you.
The Universe is never-ending and always giving.
It is filled with happiness for all.
In fact when you take your full happiness, there becomes so much more for others.
The first rule of happiness is to love where you are and know the rest is definitely on its way.
There is an ever-growing force that is ready to give you all that you want.
Some call it God, Source, the Self, Joy, or Happiness; but it is there, no matter what you call it.
Sometimes life is joyful and sometimes it is painful.
Sometimes we forget who we are.
Let go – start fresh this moment, free from the ego.
You can learn to be free from the ego and have a balanced, beautiful life.
Be happy – and most of all, be patient.
I send you all blessings of the now and into the future, and the spacious stillness that is deep within you.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


One Response

  • Govinda Ram says:

    Thank Hue Ma… For All The Love, Joy and Hope Hue Have Brought to Myself and Others…..Jjaa Jjaa Jjaa Avaloketishvara !!!!! Love and Compassion Pours From Huer Soul…..Jjaa Jjaa jjaa Sarva Buddah Dakini !!!!!