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Community and the Buddha


It is through community that we truly live out our sense of belonging.
There is always a way to tap into your purest of hearts.

When the Buddha spent years of searching, he finally sat under the Bodhi tree and went through all of the 10 thousand sorrows and 10 thousand joys.
First he had to go through the 10 thousand sorrows.
He then became so grateful that even if He didn’t go through the ten thousand joys, He would have been joyful simply to know that He beat the temptations of the Mother of all Illusions, who offered him everything.

When the birds and the sun announced the morning, the Buddha became liberated; yet Mara, the Mother of Illusion, was still with Him.
He quietly touched the Earth, and Mara disappeared.
One hand cupped a little beneath His Heart and one hand touching Mother Earth brought to Him the protection and love of all of the Earth.
He knew that no animal, plant or insect should be hurt, for it would hurt Mother Earth.
The Mother taught Him of the struggle of being a seed: first the darkness, then the joy of lifting toward the Light, the blooming of being in the Light, the energy of bearing fruit, the shedding of the seeds before the fruit decayed in death, and then the beauty of rebirth.

The Buddhists speak of taking refuge in the Sanga, community.
It really takes strength and courage to allow others to truly see you (and you to see others) in Community.
Then strength and courage grow, and you learn to take care of humanity through your Community.
Learning to hold another and learning to be held by another is not easy, yet it becomes challenging and a joy to behold.

We allow ourselves to be held by the outdoors and our animals; our animals teach us to trust.
They keep us alive with the simple joy of life.
They want nothing but love, and they give even more love.
Let us practice the way of appreciation of everything in our lives.
Say thank you as much as you can.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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