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Commitment is to the core of truth itself and is completely free of ego mind.
It is all about the Universal Mother’s Unconditional Love.
There is energy in the mind that is constantly creating streams of thoughts; you watch what is going on like fish in a bowl.
The thoughts are the fish, and you are the water.

The unenlightened think that they are the fish, that they are the worry of the fish and the fear of the fish.
You even begin to think that your thoughts are yours; therefore, you begin to go backward instead of being in the moment.
The water can be changed, yet if you take the fish out of the water, there is no hope for it.
You let the ego take hold of your commitment to freedom, and your actions are based on the ego.
After so many years, your ego has begun to win and you lose your state of commitment and enter into the space ego bardo.
Then it takes a long time to get back to your Self.

The Mother holds out Her hand and offers it to you to take always.
When you are not blinded by the ego you are on the road to freedom.
Like the sea below the waves, 99 percent of the mind is still and silent; yet the one percent of ego can shatter the quiet and bring confusion to the seeker, and wrong moves happen.

Take the Universal Mother’s hand and walk together on this path of service, beauty, happiness and love.
This is freedom; freedom from pain and anxiety.

I love you all.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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