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Choose Your Life


Take responsibility for your life.
Meditate on your prosperity and what you really want from the Universe.
Choose the personality that you want.
You have chosen up to now.
Now chose to be an open, beautiful human being.

Create your limitless boundaries – or no boundaries.
You can be whatever it is you want to be.
You are in control.
Your body chemistry comes about by what you think.

This day know that you can cause miraculous changes in your being.
You can become the producer, director, and actor of the unfolding story of your life.
You can make a difference in the world.

Kali Natha Yoga creates a program or a life where miracles happen every day.
Believe in this magic.
I love to share with you all of Neem Karoli Baba’s teachings.
It is all about being kind and compassionate and filled with love.
One of the ground rules of inner work is never try to transform anyone’s personality; just work on yourself.
Others will see the change in you and will want it for themselves.
I love you with all my heart.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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