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Chela’s Ego

Chela’s Ego: taken from a darshan, February 1982

Namaste my chelas,

Death to the ego comes painfully, like a dull knife cutting into your whole being.
You know you can’t turn back.
But I can teach you to dance, both in the world and out of it.

The dull painful knife comes only with resistance and non-surrender.
Guru can only take chela to God and back to the Mother’s feet in absolute ecstasy, knowing you’re one of the few, very few, chosen.

When you learn to see through the world’s Maya, the dance has begun.
You ignore the world even though Maya works harder than ever.
You know it is the Mother trying to trick you, to push you through the net of illusion.
Yet what you don’t know is that all the time Maya is dancing, Mother and Daughter are bleeding upon the snows saying silent prayers to Baba that you make it.

Now the day has come when the knife is no longer there, just Mother and child.
Once in God, once getting close as well as scared, the love will carry you through any darkness.

I beg Baba to give you understanding of these words.
Soon, when you don’t look for it, it comes slowly—so slowly, like ages, it creeps up around you and in you.
What was disaster yesterday seems trivial today.
For the day you truly give up to what you know, the soul realizes how nothing all is, except the love of Guru, God and Mother.
Then all works out, not in a complicated way, but simply, when a chela serves on his way to God.

I love you,
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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