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It can frighten you when you first begin to change.
So many people fear internal changes.
Yet if you breathe deeply and feel the stillness, you will feel that the changes are further away from your ego thoughts.

While you are getting used to this new place in your being you are being transformed by a great light of the Universal Mother.

Every cell of your body becomes radiant by the gentle rays coming from the Mother’s heart.
Emanating from the Mother is a great light of understanding and beauty, and your heart becomes filled with the nectar of the Mother.
Supported by this love, you move toward the Formless.
It is the nature of the Mother to bring to all to the light of being.
It is the nature of light to overcome all darkness, and indeed the Mother is always calling you to Her Light.

Within the beating heart of the Mother are all the teachings you need to complete your Journey into the Emptiness.
She scatters the world of delusion and brings you to your own beauty.
I love you with all my heart.

Ma Jaya


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