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Change Your Reaction


It takes an enormous amount of energy to take the wrong path in life.
The second you step into any of the Karmic Spaces you can feel the darkness coming to the surface more quickly.
You attract more trouble to yourself.
Life does not get any easier.
You work more in the dark instead of the Light.
You suddenly become aware of what you do not like about yourself and you forget your own beauty.
You begin to hide within yourself.

Then all of a sudden you want the very Light that you have rejected.
The moment that someone comes into your life that you do not agree with, you are confronted with your own demons.
With the Light that you call to yourself, you no longer react to these situations.
Once you understand this, life becomes more endearing.
This day think of one big problem you have to work through.
Look through your life and notice one thing in life that comes forth all the time.
Look as if you were a witness watching the whole game of life.

Now stop and begin to react differently than ever before.
You are now beginning to understand yourself.
Stop yourself and find the answer to the problem that constantly comes to you.
Do not reject the problem; just handle it differently.
You do not have to resolve the problem all at one time.
Your aim is not to just resolve problems; your aim is to go into the Light in life.
The problem is just a stepping stone.
You can do it.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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