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Change for Good Karma


The question is, “How do we change our behavior to bring us good karma?”

The answer:

People cannot change their behavior only to bring themselves good karma.
Change must come from the heart, without any seeking a reward of any kind.
In other words, you learn to live unconditionally.
Unconditional love in everything you do is how you live on the shore of the river of positive karma.
Karma becomes reduced or added as one lives his or her life.
Yet if you can see beauty in your life and see your life in color instead of always black and white, there is a new beginning for you.
How wonderful to have life with color; then karma takes place in your heart instead of your head.
Everything does not look the same.
All has its own color, thus it own beauty.
When there is dark karma swirling around you, you can feel it before seeing it.
It does not feel good, unless it is the Universal Mother protecting and taking care of you.

How do you know the difference between the two?
Be silent, and let your heart speak to you.
Learn what it has to say to you.
Soon you will find that you have awakened your intuition.
Your intuition brings such joy to you once you have begun to pay attention.
Intuition can bring awareness of actions that can sometimes be partly harmful.

The knowledge that the Mother exists brings joy.
You are not alone; we all love to be touched by the Divine Mother.

You may ask, “How does it feel to be touched by Mother?”
It feels differently to different people, yet always it feels warm and soothing.
You begin to know the Mother’s touch.
Karma is forgotten because the Mother is leading the way.
She wants nothing from any of you except to make your journey upon Earth a pleasant experience.
Karma takes its own place in your life in a continuous pattern of learning.
What we want from the Mother is She Herself.
And if this is so, then we must grow and be.
We must never hurt anyone; thus karma will take care of itself as well as others.

Write your story of life in pencil so you can change the ending any time you want.

This is changing your destiny for the better.
I will help you to learn all you can about karma, both positive and negative.
For once you learn of one, understanding the other will come.

I love you all.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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