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Feb 7, 20121 Comment

Who am I?

From The 11 Karmic Spaces, Page 200

Meditation: Who am I?

When giving up even the smallest attachment, you are giving up a small piece of illusion. Socrates said, “Know thyself.”  Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is within you.” Ramana Maharshi used the same thought, based on the Vedas, as the core of his teaching. He taught us to …more

Feb 1, 2012No Comments

The Light of Awareness

From The 11 Karmic Spaces: Understanding Shakti is the first step to understanding life. page 127

How are you using the energy that flows to you from the universe? Following Hindu tradition, I call this energy Shakti, the female energy of the universe. She flows in all of us, whether we are male or female. As you become more aware, …more

Feb 1, 2012No Comments

Compassion and Pride

The Mother’s desire is that you take from life all the enjoyment you can and share it with others. She has provided you with so many choices. The ego provides only negative choices. It is wonderful not to feel guilt, so I ask you to give up all guilty feelings this very second to the Mother.

Remember you are in …more

Jan 25, 20121 Comment

Positive Intent


Positive Intent: Reach for a positive thought. Page 136

The simple practice of hesitation helps you stop reacting blindly to everything that happens, but there is also pre- action, a positive hesitation where you make room for your soul’s choice.

When you are getting ready to do something, use that …more

Jan 11, 2012No Comments

Spiritual Yearning

Here is more from the book, THE 11 KARMIC SPACES, page 154

Yearning is the homesickness of the Soul.

Spiritual yearning is so sweet that you feel your heart opening, which allows you to touch your true self. Transformation begins when your hunger for the world is replaced by deeper yearning.As my Teacher Swami Nityananda said, …more

Jan 7, 2012No Comments

The Wisdom of the Body

This is from The 11 KARMIC SPACES, page 126.

The soul’s knowing often comes to us in a physical feeling. How do you feel? I find myself asking that question more and more. How do you feel in your body? I am not asking about pleasure or pain. I am asking this question to develop your subtle awareness of how …more

Dec 23, 2011No Comments

The Moment

I want all of you to be out of the Karmic Spaces, and this book will totally help you live the life you want for yourself.

THE MOMENT page 113

“The moment washes away all things except love. We tend to think that our problems are here and now, so we do all kinds of things to escape …more

Dec 20, 2011No Comments

The Divine Blueprint

In every Soul there is a divine blueprint.

You need to use your intuition to ponder and understand it. The lamp of your God will shine on the way and illuminate the road to take each day. It takes courage to become who you are. It takes a lack of awareness to ignore who you are.

In the 11 Karmic …more

Dec 18, 20111 Comment

The Power of Gratitude


I wrote The 11 Karmic Spaces in my deepest silence and sincere wish for humanity to understand where they were in life and how to get where they want to be. In the stillness of their hearts, they can begin to notice the spaces in life that the ego calls them to. There are 11 Karmic Spaces that hold …more