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As you read and apply these teachings, you may have questions. Here are Ma Jaya’s answers to questions that have been submitted by readers. If you would like to ask a question about Ma Jaya’s teachings, click here.

Jan 28, 2012No Comments

I seek enlightenment and wish to be a true servant of the universe. The most difficult accomplishme...

Namaste Rita:

When you have the least desire to share of yourself to ease another’s burden, or to ease the burdens of thousands, or just to ease the burden of a child, automatically that who you are comes racing to the surface.  This is not about you and it is not NOT about you.  It’s about love.  Love is what …more

Jan 13, 2012No Comments

How best can a lone individual stand and be counted or speak up to protect an organization or indivi...


In order not to be pointed out as a whistle blower or somebody that is sticking up for something that isn’t right, you have to go into your heart.  You have to see, “Do I really believe in this person, or this organization?” If you really see that you do believe in them, look and see if you really …more

Jan 4, 2012No Comments

Can meditation resolve all issues or must I take some action?

Meditation can resolve many issues, but sitting all day in meditation and prayer you become dependent on believing that someone or something will fix you and the way you live. The universe works in different ways than our minds. Meditation alone cannot keep everyone on the path. Action, karma yoga, must be taken in order to put to test and …more

Jan 4, 2012No Comments

I feel in constant separation. How can that change?

Do you feel in constant separation or do you feel a slight togetherness with that which is deeply in you although you have no understanding? Anyone that says they feel separate from the universe has truly never taken a big, deep, beautiful breath. Most of the time we usually take small breaths and in taking small breaths we have small …more

Jan 4, 2012No Comments

You wrote “karma enters into human life at birth and the universal laws of order seep down from th...

The tantric part of the yoga I teach includes the body, the mind, and the soul. The body is something that reacts to the karma it has had in previous lives. The soul is perfect, but any negative karma that surrounds it will turn into a hard crust. As a baby is being birthed it only has the softness and …more

Dec 31, 2011No Comments

I’m the kind of person who loves to problem solve and get things right. Is that the same thing as ...

It depends to how far you take that. So many times we concentrate on focusing and doing something so right that many times we get it wrong. If it’s an obsession to get it right, then you are absolutely in the karmic space of desiring to be right. But if you are open to your own conscious thoughts, to look …more

Dec 31, 2011No Comments

You say that we forget our freedom but never stop longing for it. What exactly is the freedom that w...

When you meditate or even try to meditate and you get in that space – even just by counting backwards or by simply breathing in and out while saying “breathing in 1, breathing out 1” – something in you stops. The chaos begins to stop. The uttering of thoughts begins to calm down. That is the beginning of a sense …more

Dec 31, 2011No Comments

How do I know when I’ve crossed the line between taking care of myself and being self-indulgent?

If a feeling of guilt comes over you as you are taking care of yourself, you need to truly look at it for the guilt comes from the ego.  Self-indulgence, you will know..  Your whole body will understand that this is too much – I’m doing too much and I’m complaining too much and I’m taking a lot more time …more