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The Karmic Spaces teaching must be lived, and Ma Jaya has offered many practical tools, some of which are drawn from Kali Natha Yoga. The following practices may apply to a specific karmic space, or they may help you choose freedom from more than one.

Mar 14, 2012No Comments

Practice to Break Free of Pride

This practice will take you into the place to receive

  • Begin in standing – Mountain Pose.
  • Step the left foot back and angle the foot for balance.
  • Bend the front right knee.
  • Bend the right arm and lean the right forearm and elbow onto the right thigh.
  • Lean onto the right thigh, with the left arm hanging down, straight ...more
Mar 4, 2012No Comments

Practice to Conquer Anger

Anger comes from the absence of acknowledgment of self beauty. The anger that we have in the moment is the anger that we have toward ourselves.

  • Sit quietly and look toward your right.
  • Close your eyes, and think of something that has angered you.
  • Feel your anger.
  • Look again to the right; see how defined the anger has become. ...more
Feb 22, 2012No Comments

Practice to Conquer Jealousy

When you have jealous explosions from time to time, you are like an earthquake looking for destruction of the Self. Practice this meditation when jealousy begins to rear its ugly head. This meditative spiritual exercise will clear hatred, hostility, and other negative emotions. You are the expert that can lead you out of darkness. You and you alone can take ...more

Feb 12, 2012No Comments

Meditation to Conquer Indifference

This meditation helps conquer the karmic space of indifference. Indifference is born from the pain of being afraid of rejection. In this dark space lives the Mother of compassion  and compassion’s tears. Mother Tara took birth from the tears of the Buddha. The light of Mother Green Tara can lead you out of indifference with the breath of compassion.

Practice ...more

Jan 11, 2012No Comments

Practice for Anger

The following practice will bring awareness to your anger and help to train you to release yourself from the anger.

  • Begin in sitting or standing.
  • Bring your awareness to a feeling of anger. You can say to yourself “I am aware that I am angry”.
  • Extend your straight arms out to the sides with the hands in fists.
  • With ...more
Jan 1, 2012No Comments

The Ratio Breath for Balance and Calm

This ratio breath will create balance and create calm focus in the mind and body. This breath has a balanced ratio and can be practiced for any number of counts that feel right for you – 3:3:3  or 5:5:5, for example. Students are typically comfortable starting at four or five. The three parts are the inhalation, the retention of breath ...more

Dec 29, 2011No Comments

Practice For Awareness

  • Begin in a comfortable sitting position, fingers interlaced, palms up tips of the thumbs touching
  • Notice the pressure between the thumbs
  • If the thumbs separate and fall to the sides as you begin to breathe silently in and out, you are not allowing awareness to touch you
  • If the thumbs are pressing too hard, you are trying too hard ...more
Dec 22, 2011No Comments

Bringing Balance to Your Body

  • Begin sitting or standing comfortably
  • Bring the hands together in prayer pose or Pranam
  • Press the hands together, elbows are raised   – this is Tight Pranam
  • Notice which hand feels stronger in Tight Pranam
  • Press in from the side which is not as strong and bring balance to your body

This can be done in any ...more

Dec 15, 2011No Comments

The Breath for Releasing Stale Thoughts

  • Press the tip of your tongue against the back of  your upper teeth.
  • Breathe in deeply,keep the tip of your tongue pressed against your upper teeth.
  • Now breathe out deeply, keep the tip of your tongue pressed against your upper teeth.
  • Breathe in deeply again.
  • Breathe out deeply.
  • When you think you are at the end of your breath  ...more