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Mother Laxmi

Feb 10, 2011No Comments

Mother Laxmi

Mother Laxmi is part of our daily life. There is not a thought, a gesture or an action which does not contain the Shakti of Mother Laxmi. She is the power which links the dancer to the music.
She establishes a link between all things. She takes us beyond all kinds of wants and provides us with abundance and health beyond what we can conceive.

Jan 3, 2011No Comments

Blessings from Mother Laxmi

Be willing to release that which has inhibited you so you can receive the Mother Laxmi – and She will come. Allow Her to create the miracles that will come to you in this new and beautiful year. I ask that you all are able to receive Her guidance daily. You have the capacity to accomplish everything that you conceive in your higher mind. I am asking Mother Laxmi to allow you to know that there are no limits in your lives. I ask Mother Laxmi that you know how blessed you are. Most of all, I ask the Mother to grant you all the boon of gratitude. This is my Puja and this is my Prayer for the New Year.

Nov 8, 2010No Comments


In an Interfaith way, Diwali is the suppression of darkness and the beauty of the Light that overcomes any darkness. Diwali also represents the worship of Mother Laxmi. It is said that on this day She will grant Her children whatever they want. In every candle that is lit these days of Diwali, the Gods and the Goddesses light a thousand more. Kashi is the Light of Diwali.

Oct 7, 2010No Comments

Mother Laxmi

Mother Laxmi, consort of Lord Vishnu, is the Goddess of prosperity – both of the physical and spiritual nature. She is also the Goddess of fortune, power, luxury, beauty and auspiciousness. She is at times draped in a red sari. Her arms are filled with gold bracelets. She is also called Shri.

Oct 8, 2009No Comments

Joy Abides in your Heart

Joy abides in your heart, and your soul is filled with nectar
Come let us all court Lady Joy, for She is our Mother Laxmi.