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Apr 10, 2012No Comments

Trusting Yourself

From a darshan with Ma Jaya, September 25, 2008

Namaste my chelas,

One of the greatest gifts I can give you is the ability to trust yourself. It is the Shakti of worthiness that dispels darkness, the darkness that has you clinging to your old habits. As the ego surrenders to your trusting the Universe and yourself, you can observe …more

May 13, 2010No Comments

Trust and Love

Insecure people often perceive that so many others are mistreating them. When someone has a different opinion, you begin to think that they do not like you. This keeps you afraid of getting close to anyone. Your reaction system is totally out of balance. By knowing deep in your heart that your Beloved is always with you, your reaction is so different. You begin to believe in yourself and in others.