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The Heart

Sep 22, 2011No Comments

Mother’s Heart


You who meditate on the Mother follow an ancient lineage that dates back beyond the dawn of history. The sages of old bequeathed their wisdom and their prayers for the well being of those who were to follow in future centuries.

I ask Mother Laxmi to bring you all good health, prosperity, love, longevity and success in all you …more

Sep 12, 2011No Comments

The Treasure of Your Heart

To have gratitude, you have to accept the self that is in the self.
You have to understand that deep inside of you is your truth. Then victory is yours. The treasure of understanding begins to bloom.
You see the Mother in all directions, and somehow you know that She can see you at all times.

Aug 22, 2011No Comments

Heart Without Boundaries

No matter what we do, there is the possibility of pain or pleasure.
Our hearts can be big enough for this, or we can go back and forth with reactions rather than understanding that this is what life is.
When you understand that you are never alone, reactions don’t come so easy and you are left to go on with your life in the beauty of the Mother’s Love.

Aug 2, 2011No Comments

Surrender to Your Open Heart

Take time this day to see what words or mantras soothe you and keep you in your heart. You hear the word ‘surrender’ so much on the spiritual path, yet what does it really mean to you? Surrender means different things to different folks. Once you know that God lives deep inside of you close to your heart, you find it easier to surrender to your heart, and your mind becomes saturated with the joy of the heart. We must live with an open heart and an open mind.

Aug 1, 2011No Comments

The Choices of Your Heart

There are two or three doors you can choose to walk through at any moment. When you have any of the Karmic Spaces calling you, such as jealousy, pride, or anger, you can choose to walk through another door and into the light of no boundaries. There is always another door or another response to any of your predicaments.

Mar 3, 2011No Comments

The Fire of the Heart

The Spiritual Heart Center in the physical body is the space of universal consciousness. When intuition begins to awaken from the center of the solar plexus, it also enters the heart chakra.
Intuition can become conscious prana, from which you can become spiritually aware at all times. The importance of being aware of your chakras and the way they work is to be able to focus better in life, in meditation, and even in the Formless.

Feb 17, 2011No Comments

Your True Heart

To be in the essence of the Universal Mother is to be in the essence of your true essential self. The Mother takes you into your heart without the negative moods of the ego. The heart of the true you can express to the Universe all that you are.
Take the moment and feel the spiritual heart in the center of your chest. Breathe in and out of your chest, saying all the time, “The Mother loves me.” I can still remember when Neem Karoli Baba told your Ma the same words, except to say, ” My Baba loves me.”

Feb 7, 20111 Comment

The Lotus of the Heart

The lotus flower is not compelled to spread its fragrance.
To spread its fragrance is in its nature. When the lotus of the heart blossoms, it naturally spreads the fragrance of love and Shakti to all who come in contact with it. When the Universal Mother opens your heart, the true flowering occurs and the person is not conscious of it. Love is always there. Everything is transformed into flowing love. One soon becomes permeated with the higher qualities of the universe.

Aug 30, 2010No Comments

Open Heart Meditation

Surrender into the feelings. Let everything come through. Let the chest be wide open. Do not be afraid of the love coming from the heart. Don’t judge yourself. Just experience all feelings, knowing that the Mother is with you. Let your breath bring you a soft awareness of the Mother’s love for you. She destroys pain and suffering. She takes from you what you do not need. Always try to be the child of the Mother.

Jun 12, 2010No Comments

Heart Love

There is one thing in the world you must never forget, and that one thing is heart love. The heart cannot beat without love this is stamped with fire. If you forget this, you forget life. If you forget this, you forget death. Each one of us remembers in different ways.
This does not matter as long as you remember. Heart love, unconditional love –they are the same thing. When life is over in this particular body, that which is stamped into the Soul in letters of fire is heart love. You cannot lose it.

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