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For many years, Ma Jaya has written daily messages to her students.This column is a selection from recent writings.

Aug 31, 2009


It is important you pay attention to each aspect of the body to allow peace to come through you.
Let your eyes close gently and feel the natural rhythm of your breath.
Explore the body, scan the body and feel the area that most deeply asks for healing.

Aug 27, 2009No Comments

The Art of Forgiveness

When we think of forgiveness, we have to make a decision to let go.

Forgiveness simply means we do not carry the hate of the past or the poison of hate within us.

Aug 26, 2009

Naming your Thoughts

When you can honor all that is in you, whether it is dark or light, you become greater than all emotions. With a deeper sense of confidence in yourself, you can conquer all things dark and light.

Aug 21, 2009No Comments


Mindfulness is a feeling, a feeling that embraces all feelings.
Mindfulness is a gift given to us by our past actions into the bloom of the moment.
We only have moments to live our lives.
We have this moment, and this is the only chance we have to appreciate this moment.

Aug 18, 20091 Comment

The Desire to be Right

Start feeling full by giving fullness to others, and get rid of the desire to be right.This only brings pain to yourself and to others, for if you are always right, then others are always wrong.

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