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For many years, Ma Jaya has written daily messages to her students.This column is a selection from recent writings.

Dec 10, 2009

The Merge of Masculine & Feminine

In a single second, one can flip into the Light of understanding The One who is neither male nor female. This allows an open path toward Samadhi. It is as if all color is sleeping; yet when the heart is open, one begins to realize that the rainbow of color is not male or female. It is as if color has a path of its own. And you find yourself inside of all color, all genders, all races, and all religions when there is understanding of the genders. This represents freedom.

Dec 7, 2009

World AIDS Day Candles


There is nothing in the whole world like the joy of giving and the joy in seeing others become happy. Last night we celebrated World AIDS Day. As we all were around the Sacred Ganga with our candles in our hands, we could feel the spirit of our loved ones reach out and touch our hearts and souls.

AIDS …more

Dec 6, 2009

Question: Is Trust an Aspect of Samadhi?

The silence is deafening and quite scary at first, until you want more. It is almost like flying without wings, except you are in bliss as you are flying. The ego is always there trying to stop your primary drive for God. Trust must build.

Dec 4, 2009

I am Always Watching


The question today from Radha Krishna Jaya truly touches my heart: “Please talk about how you are always watching your chelas.”


When you enter into Samadhi, or the Formless, or the Emptiness, at times you can become afraid. This is called a Kundalini experience, or deep Spiritual experience; and this can be very fearful. When the Mother watches …more

Dec 3, 2009No Comments

Question: How do we Pray for Someone Else?

It is always a good thing to see anyone in the golden light and see them laughing and joyous in our hearts and minds. Yet before you can help others, you must see yourself in the light and always in your heart. By practicing meditation and being able to live your life with ease and comfort, others will want to be like you.

Dec 3, 2009No Comments

World AIDS Day

In our Ganga are the ashes of our many dead. Their spirit is so alive that I feel they are always blessing our ashram. I have begun to do a very intense puja for those who are living with AIDS.

Dec 2, 2009No Comments

Question: Does God evolve?

As you absorb and learn and want to live a good life on a spiritual path, so must the deities learn how to tell what can be offered in the way of choice. The whole world and Universe continues to evolve as the mind of humanity pulls both questions and answers from the Source.

Dec 1, 2009No Comments

Question: Why does the soul need lessons?

The more one returns to learn, it is the Higher mind that is carrying the karma. The soul in the quiet of the Higher mind can refresh your experiences and bring impressions of past lifetimes, allowing you to follow their right path for yourself. Everyone has been everything; therefore, to be prejudiced against anyone or anything is quite foolish. You can learn this moment what you need to know in order to have choice. It is the choice that always is there, lifetime after lifetime.

Nov 30, 2009No Comments

The Beauty of Compassion

As we celebrate one holiday after another, we grow closer.
The gift of devotion becomes more available, and one becomes filled with compassion for everyone, as well as one’s self. At times compassion is more important than love. The beauty of compassion takes on love, yet love does not always have to be filled with compassion.

Nov 30, 2009No Comments

The Purpose of Physical Existence

The purpose of physical existence is simply so the body can learn more on a higher realm each lifetime until one catches up to himself or herself and is ready to teach and share with others. There is so much to go through and to accomplish before one is ready to be at this level. All ego must be let go, even for a few moments. Physical existence is the soul’s guide to learn and to teach more than ever before, making the one answering and the one asking find a soft way of learning and then trying. One is always trying, always moving on with an open mind.

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