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For many years, Ma Jaya has written daily messages to her students.This column is a selection from recent writings.

Mar 16, 2012No Comments

A Sense of Peace

From Ma’s darshan line January 4, 2003

Namaste my chelas all over the world,

When the mind is not at peace, the world appears to be in turmoil and everything around you seems to be in chaos. The heart cannot be felt when the mind is not at peace. The heart in human beings is the supreme abode of God …more

Feb 2, 2012No Comments

Mother of Compassion


Life is filled with surprises, and when people are attractive and glowing with great and wonderful beauty, you can know that they have been touched by the Mother. The Mother’s being holds the quintessence of all essences and nature.

When you are meditating on the golden heart of the Natural Essence of the Mother’s being, then the whole world …more

Jan 31, 20121 Comment



One of the key functions of Kali Natha Tantric Yoga is to soften your heart-Karma so you can begin to feel all the love flowing from the Universe. At times the ego’s karmic teachings set up patterns that the ego wants you to believe in. Or, as the 11 Karmic Spaces says, “Jealousy, Anger, Pride. Indifference, Ego of Self …more

Jan 18, 2012No Comments

Mother’s River of Love


A lot of people enter spiritual life to escape responsibilities. You cannot escape a thing if you are really a true seeker. Especially when one is serving; one is lost in taking care of those in need. The Shakti brings creative energy to everyday living when one is flowing in the Mother’s River of love.

When you follow your …more

Jan 13, 2012No Comments



Today I read these words, “For whom much is given, much is required.” These words are so true, and the reality of it must be contemplated. At times we become afraid to give, as if by giving we would have less.

When you give of yourself to others, you are wide open and so much more is given to …more

Jan 13, 2012



Your Sacred Self is right beneath your skin, so close that you can feel

the Self any moment you are quiet.

Meditation brings you into the circle of life and death and into the

mystical awareness of both.

Alertness and generosity bring you deeper into the circle.

With alertness of generosity one begins to share what he or she …more

Dec 20, 2011



When you meditate and experience the Silence and the Formless, your body becomes relaxed. There is a passive condition of the mind, body and soul in which your spirit energizes, illumines and clarifies the conscious planes of the mind. Then you surrender to your Higher Self, where the wisdom of the Soul takes over.

Meditation is the perfect place …more

Dec 14, 2011

Breath Awareness


As you practice awareness of your breath, you are practicing awareness of all of life. Many of us just assume that breathing is an automatic process, nothing we need to pay attention to. Remember though that the word ‘spirit’ is derived from the Latin word for breath. No matter how lost you may feel, your breath is always with …more

Dec 13, 2011

Just Being


Set aside a little time each day for just being. Five minutes a day would be fine. Sit down and watch the time unfold with no agenda other to be in the moment. As your mind begins to wander simply, say to yourself, “God loves me.” Keep the posture erect, yet not stiff. Think of yourself as a mountain.


Dec 12, 2011

The Supreme Spirit


The ego can’t comprehend the Self. When you enter meditation on the Self, you go further away from the ego. The supreme spirit is in all of us. In meditation, the supreme spirit becomes awake in the form of curiosity. It starts by asking WHAT IS NEXT? Then you become courageous and go deeper. The supreme spirit is a …more

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