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Calling the Light


All that is negative is sustained by ignorance.
Ignorance is just like darkness; yet the moment you bring light, it will disappear.
Call the Light to you now this very moment.
Calling the Light to your heart is the easiest path for realization of the Mother.

Bring compassion into your life and the lives of others.
The Mother always has compassion for you.
Think of those who have not had much light around them, and send them compassion.
How does your heart feel when you do this?
Seek the silence and fulfillment that the silence brings you.
It brings an expansion of one’s consciousness.
As you lay down this night ask the Mother to come to you and open your heart.

Then fall asleep saying to yourself, “I am loved, I am love; I am loved, I am love.
Say these words over and over.
The Mother will hold you all this night.
I love you all.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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