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Call on Your Beloved


In the Kabala, one says: “Here I am; I am ready to receive all that the heavens have to teach me.”
You begin to invite your Beloved to come to you.
Remember, your Beloved knew you before you were born.
Your Beloved will become known to you; you only have to be still and breathe in and out of your heart.
Is your Beloved sheer Light?
Is it a presence that you know?
Talk to your Beloved like a true friend.
Ask your Beloved to help you.
Nothing is too big or too small.
Your Beloved will listen to you, and you will know this.
If you will hear or feel a presence coming before you, listen closely.
Continue a dialog: add your own words, and express yourself in your mind.
This shuts out the ego.
Simply be present with kindness and compassion for yourselves and for others.
Be accepting of what is, and also ask what you want to be.
Embrace the moment.
Embrace the Ganga that flows in your blood.
Embrace your past knowing that you are not your past.
Feel your capacities to love, to learn, and to heal.
Let the breath rock you, embracing you with kindness.
You came here to find your true self and be joyful within.
This is the one thing that is stamped in the Soul with fire.
The ego sends distractions to lure you away from the fire of the Soul.
Do not give up on yourself or on others.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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